Christian and Jessica Wilkey, both highly competitive gymnasts, have been involved with the sport of gymnastics for the past 36 years and are using their success and experience to shape and develop all of the programs at Wilkey’s Gymnastics. Christian and Jessica's knowledge and expertise have enabled many athletes to compete at the state, regional, national, and collegiate level.

Meet our Staff !

Melissa Johnston
Team Coach- Level 4 & 6
Class Instructor
Missy was a highly competitive gymnast for 12 years and has been involved with the sport of gymnastics for the last 34 years. Her experience as a Level 10 gymnast has enabled her to really connect with her athletes. From traveling to competitions throughout the United States, she learned about friendships, hardships, good sportsmanship, trust, and time management. Missy looks forward to sharing all that she has learned about the sport with all her gymnasts. Missy loves spending all of her free time with her husband, 4 children and puppy! 

Kerri Piantedosi
Team Coach - Levels 4 - 6, Xcel Platinum & Diamond
Pre-School & Class Instructor
Kerri has been coaching gymnastics for the past 22 years and has been involved with the sport of gymnastics for 34 years.  She was a competitive gymnast, dancer & cheerleader.  Kerri enjoys sharing  all that she has learned with her athletes.  She teaches classes as well as our JO Levels 4-6 and Xcel  Platinum and Diamond Teams!  In her free time, Kerri loves shopping and spending time with her husband, and beautiful daughters, Avery & Alexa.

Kyle McDermott
Team Coach -  Levels 7 - 9 
Class & Tumbling Instructor
Kyle graduated cum laude from Umass Lowell in 2011 with a bachelors degree in Sports Psychology.  She has been involved with gymnastics for the past 18 years. Kyle is in her ninth season with Wilkey’s and is also in her 3rd season as the head coach of the Salem (NH) High School gymnastics team. She teaches classes and tumbling as well as our Level 7 and 9 teams.  

Jillian Stira
Team Coach- Xcel Bronze, Silver & Gold
Class Instructor
 Jillian was a former competitive gymnast.  She has been involved with gymnastics for the past 25 years. Jillian is very excited to coach the Bronze, Silver & Gold teams at Wilkey's, as well as classes. Jillian  is also the coach of the Reading Memorial High School Gymnastics Team!  She loves spending her free time working out and shopping with friends. 

Janelle Jackson
Team Coach-  Xcel Bronze, Silver & Gold 
Class Instructor
Janelle, who was a gymnast through high school, brings experience to Wilkey's from dance and cheerleading. Currently, she works as a Celtics Cheerleader and as an acro instructor at a local dance studio. Janelle is excited to join the Wilkey team and is looking forward to working with our lower level Xcel programs!

Lyndsey Capra
Team Coach- Xcel Silver, Platinum & Diamond 
Class Instructor
Lyndsey, who was a former gymnast here at Wilkey's Gymnastics brings her experience from past years to Wilkey's. She was a level 10 gymnast and made it to to the region 6 regional compeition multiple times. Along with softball on the side, which she continued through to college. Lyndsey is very happy to be apart of the staff and work with different levels of the Xcel program!

Marissa Mendelson
Office Manager
Marissa is a former dancer of 10 years. She is the proud owner of her dog Maxie. She manages and runs the office here at Wilkey's. In her free time, she loves to shop and spend quality time with her dog. She is very happy to be a part of the Wilkey's staff and learn everything that gymnastics has to offer!

Additional Staff Members:

Sam Beatrice
Class Instructor
Samantha is a Level 10 gymnast at Wilkey's and is a junior at Tewksbury High School. She has participated in the TMHS gymnastics team for the past 3 years and is a varsity athlete.

Maggie Sakellarious
Pre-school Instructor
Maggie is a senior at Andover High School and level 9 athlete at Wilkey's.

Haley Sousa
Class Instructor
Haley Sousa is a senior at Shawsheen Tech.

Danielle Wilson
Class Instructor
Danielle is a junior at Shawsheen Tech and member of their varsity cheerleading program for both fall and winter teams.

Isabella Simone
Class Instructor
Izzie is a senior at Tewksbury High School and a member of the TMHS varsity gymnastics team for the past 4 years.

Victoria Norton
Class Instructor
Victoria is a junior at Andover High School and was a former gymnast here at Wilkey's for over 10 years. She also participated in the high school gymnastics program at AHS.