All athletes have an annual $35 non-refundable registration fee. 

Please scroll below our class schedule for our current protocols.


Preschool - $180

      1 Hour - $200

   1.5 Hour - $240

  Tumbling - $215

      2 Hour - $170 per month

      4 Hour - $245 per month

2020-2021 Tentative Fall Schedule.PNG

We have worked hard to provide you the safest, cleanest environment possible!


We have installed 4 hand sanitization stations throughout the gym!

1st station is on the office - leading into the gym through the ropes.

2nd station is on the black chalkboard wall near the low beams. 

3rd station is on the back wall between the big “longer” tumble trak and the vault.

4th station is on the opposite side of the gym - on the wall near the bars.


We also have hand sanitizer bottles and disinfecting wipes at each event in our “sanitization buckets”. After each rotation, the equipment is disinfected and cleaned. At the end of each night, the gym is completely “fogged” down with our CDC approved disinfectant. It is our priority to keep everyone safe!


Entrance - NORMAL - through the front of the building.  Everyone will enter through the double doors at the front of the building. This is a ONE WAY NOW - ENTRANCE ONLY. 

EXITING - everyone will exit through the back door. The back door is located near the bathrooms - near the bars. This is the “one-way” out.


Massachusetts Mask Mandate
Health and Safety Update 11/6/2020

A new mask mandate has gone into effect as of Friday, November 6th. The new guideline states that masks must be worn at all times at any indoor or outdoor public gathering, regardless of social distancing. What that means for us at WILKEY’S GYMNASTICS is masks must be worn at all times while in the gym, including during class, starting Friday November 6, 2020. Please bring a mask for your child that will be sustainable for the duration of class.
We will continue to support, follow, and enforce all of the state's guidelines and regulations on COVID-19. There are fines and penalties for businesses involved in violations of the mandate, therefore students will be asked to leave if they choose not to comply with our safety policies.


Your child will be called out by their teacher. They will enter through the ropes near the office and go to their designated spot on the floor. We will begin our warm-up where gymnasts will be 6 feet apart.


Your child's class will run like “normal” - drills, corrections and learning in a fun, safe environment :))

All coaches/staff will be wearing a mask.


Of course if you are feeling sick, or your child is feeling sick, please stay home.


We do have an infrared thermometer on site - if you need to use it for any reason. We have all of the proper sanitization products ready to go. 


Wilkey's Gymnastics is following the guidelines from Town of Tewksbury, the CDC, and USA Gymnastics. Within following those guidelines - to keep our numbers low in the buliding - only 1 parent/spectator per athlete is permitted in the building during the duration of the athlete's class.